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Fall Protection Equipment

We provide technical help for choosing the right gear before you buy

Full line of Fall Protection & Fall Arrest Gear from Arkon, DBI / Sala, Elk River, Miller-Dalloz, MSA, North Safety, Protecta ... and many more

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State-of-the-Art 3-Point Catch System

Body Harnesses - from light weight to extra heavy duty.  Harnesses and accessories for every application whether for climbing, platform or bucket lifts, construction, warehouses or confined space entry.  

4 feet or 400 feet - a fall can be deadly if your workers don't have the right gear.

Full line of accessories

Shock Absorbers
Rope Lanyards
Nylon Rope
Web Lanyards
Retractable Lanyards
Man Winches
Waist Belts
Roofer's Kits
Tie-Off Slings
Nylon Lanyards
Rebar Web Assemblies
Carry-All Bags
Rope Grabs